Volvo S90 vs. Audi A6
Comparison illustrates design differences and should not be used or understood as a contrasting of advantages of one model over another. Lighting, shooting angle and other factors may affect the appearance of the model.

Volvo S90 versus Audi A6

Volvo's new luxury mid-size sedan is slowly gaining popularity, and since done the comparison against BMW 5-Series and against the new E-Class, it's time to see how it contrasts with Audi A6. Before we go through data and design differences, it's important to note that the Audi A6 is having its final years, while the Volvo S90 is just getting into the market.

Design and Dimensions

First thing that catches an eye is the similarity in headlight design (just like in Q7 vs XC90 comparison). Like the BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Volvo puts the engine behind the front axle, giving the sedan a better look from the side. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case with Audis, in some part due to the integration of signature quattro drivetrain.

The S90 is significantly narrower than the A6, and stands slightly shorter. But the wheelbase, and the overall length, of the S90 are more than that of A6's.

Interior dimensions are almost similar, with Volvo S90 offering more leg room at the front, at the expense of the second row, and less shoulder room due to narrower car-body design.

Powertrain and Performance

One major similarity in drivetrain is that the basic Volvo S90, just like that of Audi A6, comes with front-wheel drive system (at least in Europe, full US configuration is not out yet); both models offer all-wheel drive system for higher ranking trim levels.

Entry level S90's four-cylinder turbocharged engine is a perfect match for Audi's similarly configured engine that produces 252 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque; that's 2 hp and 15 lb-ft more than whet you get from S90.


Entry level S90 is priced from $46,950, which puts it almost 700 below 2-liter turbo four Audi A6's starting price.