2018 STARTECH Range Rover Widebody

2018 STARTECH Range Rover Widebody

By Arthur Demi via STARTECH

STARTECH Range Rover Widebody

WIDEBODY version, 23-inch hi-tech forged wheels, sport exhaust, ride-height lowering and exclusive interior design

The Range Rover continues its success story with a facelift for model year 2018. The designers, engineers and technicians of STARTECH, a BRABUS Group Company, befittingly also advanced their successful customization range for the British SUV.

The new headlight design of the 2018 models necessitated the development of new cladding for the front and rear. It can be installed either with or without the STARTECH WIDEBODY wheel arch flares, which create the space required for installing 23-inch hi-tech forged wheels.

The extensive STARTECH range also includes a sport exhaust system with actively controlled exhaust flaps, the Sound XTRA module, which gives the diesel models a thrilling exhaust note, and a ride-height lowering.

The company upholstery shop fulfils even the most unusual requests with regard to the interior appointments with superb quality of workmanship and in any desired color.

STARTECH vouches for the high quality of all STARTECH components and modifications, every single one of them of course safety-certified, with the unrivaled three-year or 100,000-kilometer STARTECH Warranty (see STARTECH Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated August 2017).

The modifications to the bodywork of the Range Rover for the 2018 model year mostly involve the front and rear. The headlights reshaped in the process therefore also necessitated new STARTECH cladding for the front and rear. The new STARTECH front component is designed as a replacement part like the version for the Range Rover generation that started with model year 2013. It is safety-certified according to the strict EU directives on pedestrian protection as a matter of course. The aerodynamic-enhancement component gives the British off-roader an even more dynamic appearance and reduces front-axle lift at higher speeds, which further optimizes the handling stability. The new STARTECH front also introduces an innovative lighting concept. Because different countries around the globe have different registration provisions, the STARTECH front cladding integrates identically shaped innovative fiber-optic daytime running lights or position markers depending on the country of destination. In addition, the component also features integral LED fog lights.

The new face can be combined with the production bodywork or with the STARTECH WIDEBODY version thanks to tailor-made attachments. Like the front and rear cladding, the components of the WIDEBODY version are manufactured in OEM quality from PUR-R-Rim. As a result, the components from the refinement specialist offer a perfect fit and flawless paintability.

The elegantly sweeping STARTECH wheel arch flares at the front and rear are harmoniously connected by matching door components that extend all the way down to the rocker panels. The WIDEBODY kit adds 60 millimeters to the overall width of the SUV compared with the base car.

The STARTECH WIDEBODY version is available for all Range Rover variants with standard or long wheelbase. For the latter, STARTECH also offers a tailor-made conversion that includes a power-retractable partition.

Like their counterparts at the front, the rear flares are also fitted with stylized air intakes in front of the wheel arches. The STARTECH rear cladding replaces the production bumper and with an integrated diffuser lends the Range Rover a markedly sporty rear appearance. The exhaust embellishers in hallmark STARTECH design integrated into the cladding are larger than on the earlier version. They can be combined either with the STARTECH dual stainless sport exhaust system with electronically controlled exhaust flaps or with the production exhaust of the off-roader. The sophisticated design goes hand in hand with perfect functionality. The hands-free power trailer hitch is guaranteed to work as on the production car.

The practical benefit of the WIDEBODY version is equally convincing. After all, it primarily has one mission: create space for extremely large wheels and thereby widen the track for even more agile handling! The STARTECH Monostar S wheels in size 11Jx23 were developed specifically for the STARTECH WIDEBODY version. They are mounted with Continental high-performance tires of size 295/35 R 23.

STARTECH Range Rover Widebody

These wheels captivate with their huge king-size format on one hand, and with their thrilling design featuring cross-spokes offset in space that extend all the way to the outer rim flange on the other. The production using hi-tech forging technology is also unusual. This complex manufacturing process permits an extremely light but nonetheless extremely robust design. It offers weight savings of up to 15 percent compared with a conventional cast wheel of the same size. The wheels are nevertheless extremely strong, which is indispensable on a cross-country vehicle like the Range Rover. At the Geneva Motor Show 2018, these wheels are displayed with a black paint finish to contrast with the ‘Carpathian Grey’ paint finish.

The STARTECH suspension module for the standard-spec air suspension is available to lower the ride height of the Range Rover. On the road, the ride height of the car is lowered by about 30 millimeters. The lower center of gravity makes the handling even safer and more agile. In the off-road setting and for comfortably getting in and out, the vehicle remains at the production level.

The STARTECH stainless sport exhaust system with actively controlled exhaust flaps is available for the gasoline-powered Range Rover models. Thanks to the exhaust embellishers integrated into the rear cladding, it blends perfectly with the widebody design. What is more: It also offers a very special driving pleasure with its electronically controlled sound management via electric actuators. The driver influences the exhaust note instantly with the rotary gear selector in the cockpit: In “Sport” position, the Range Rover produces a thrilling noise, especially the powerful supercharged V8 version. When the exhaust flaps are closed, the engine “whispers” very discreetly.

Anyone looking for an acoustic upgrade for their Range Rover with six or eight-cylinder turbodiesel can have the STARTECH Sound XTRA module installed. It generates a powerful virtual gasoline V8 sound that mesmerizes driver, passengers and the outside world without ever being annoyingly loud.

Exclusive interior appointments are another specialty of STARTECH. The in-house upholstery shop creates completions for the stock leather appointments and completely newly designed interiors with utmost precision by hand. Customers can choose from the finest leathers and Alcantara in virtually any desired color, which are masterfully sewn into any desired upholstery design. STARTECH also offers numerous different patterns for the quilting and the perforation of the leather as another option.

In addition, STARTECH offers many optional accessories that give the interior an even cozier feel. Exclusive, high-pile STARTECH floor mats with leather edging in any desired color ensure maximum comfort. A five-piece curtain protects the rear compartment from prying eyes. Power-operated tables can be deployed and retracted at the push of a button. They are stylishly molded to the backrests of the front seats with special consoles. Thanks to integrated adjustable brackets, they hold the tablets of the rear passengers securely in place. Scuff plates with backlit STARTECH emblem are also part of the varied product range of the refinement specialist, as are exclusive noble-wood and carbon touches for the cockpit. The classy STARTECH teakwood flooring for the trunk exudes a maritime ambience.

The STARTECH interior designers fulfill requests for further customization fully in line with the client’s specific ideas. This includes embroidered logotypes or coats of arms in the interior or underbody lighting integrated into the doors, which illuminates the ground next to the SUV when the door is open by projecting the vehicle owner’s desired logo or coat of arms onto the ground.

(STARTECH Press Release)