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2025 Lotus Emeya

2025 Lotus Emeya: The Elegant Shift

From the streets of New York City, an electrifying whisper has risen. Lotus, a brand deeply entrenched in motorsport and driving enthusiasm, showcased their much-anticipated Emeya, a hyper-GT, in the pulsating heart of the Big Apple.

A Historical Leap

The Emeya stands out, not only as Lotus’s first step into the four-door electric GT realm but also a testament to its 75-year heritage. Lotus CEO, Feng Qingfeng, positioned it as a meld of the brand’s legacy with the futuristic aura of electric performance. Striking an equilibrium between heritage and innovation, Emeya boasts advanced aerodynamics, rooted in Lotus's race successes, now fine-tuned for the eco-conscious, tech-savvy motorist.

Lotus Emeya | 2025MY | Front Three-Quarter

Engineering Marvel

Diving beneath its sleek silhouette, Lotus didn’t hold back. The Emeya features pioneering advancements like an active front grille, and an active rear diffuser, both of which serve dual purposes—enhancing stability and efficiency. At its core, the GT claims an electronically-controlled air suspension system. This fine piece of engineering "feels" the road every millisecond, offering the driver unparalleled ride comfort.

Performance – Electric and Effortless

Boasting a high-power dual motor set-up, the Emeya is no slouch in the speed department. With the prowess to rush from 0-62mph in a heart-stopping 2.78 seconds, its status among the world’s quickest electric GTs is unquestionable. Moreover, Lotus is not just playing the speed card; the Emeya’s commendable charging capabilities are evident, offering a range boost of 93 miles on a mere five-minute charge.

Refinement Meets Responsibility

Step inside, and the Emeya continues to enchant. Its interior dazzles with sustainable luxury—pioneering fibers repurposed from the fashion sector, PVD aluminium, and a plethora of other plush materials, including Alcantara and Nappa leather. Keeping the driver entertained is the critically-acclaimed KEF audio system, promising an unparalleled aural experience. Yet, it's not all about luxury; the Emeya embeds technology deep within. Its 55-inch augmented reality head-up display, for instance, keeps the driver attuned to the world outside, blending real-time road conditions with crucial drive data.

Lotus Emeya | 2025MY | Rear Three-Quarter

Studio Emeya: The Revelation

The glitz and glam of the Emeya's global premiere was nothing short of mesmerizing. Studio Emeya, located in Manhattan, was more than a simple car reveal; it was an interactive journey through Lotus's storied past, its vibrant present, and a hint of the future. The culmination? An intimate rendezvous with the Emeya, elevated by the beats of DJ Benji B.

A Lotus Reimagined

Ben Payne, Lotus's Vice-President of Design, encapsulated the essence of the Emeya by claiming it to be "a Lotus like you have never seen before." Indeed, the 2025 Lotus Emeya is a harmonious blend of power, precision, and passion. With four-door convenience imbued with genuine Lotus DNA, it’s a statement, an ambition, and perhaps a vision of what’s to come.

Electrifying Horizons Await

As Lotus embarks on this journey towards a broader electric horizon by 2028, the Emeya stands as a flagship model, a beacon of the brand’s commitment to evolving while preserving its DNA. One thing's clear: Lotus’s electric dreams are charged and ready to redefine the road ahead.


2025 Lotus Emeya2025 Lotus Emeya

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