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2024 Lexus LM

Exploring the All-New Lexus LM: A Luxury Mover Redefining Comfort and Elegance

The Lexus brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and luxury, and the latest iteration of their Luxury Mover, the Lexus LM, is no exception. First launched in 2020, the Lexus LM was designed to cater to the demand for chauffeur-driven MPVs in China and other parts of Asia. Now, the new LM has been completely redesigned to better suit the needs and desires of the global luxury market, setting a new benchmark for comfort and elegance.

A Focus on Passenger Comfort and Functionality

The core objective of the engineering and design team behind the Lexus LM was to create a vehicle that provided an interior space and dynamic experience where all passengers could naturally feel at ease. This focus on passenger comfort is apparent in the meticulously crafted seats, which have been developed to reduce head movement, stabilize the line of sight, and envelop the body in a gently supportive embrace. Furthermore, the Lexus LM features an "AVS Suspension with Frequency-Sensitive Piston Valve" for the first time, providing excellent ride quality regardless of speed by dampening and reducing vibration over a wide range of frequencies.

Lexus LM | 2024MY | Side

Elegant Exterior Design and Spacious Interior

The exterior design of the Lexus LM exhibits an elegant presence and aerodynamic form in line with the Lexus design language, reflecting function and dynamic performance. Inside, the front cabin combines practicality with refinement, allowing drivers to focus on the road ahead, while the spacious rear suite offers a variety of features and technology to enhance passengers' travel experience.

Advanced Safety Technologies and Omotenashi Features

The Lexus LM comes equipped with the Lexus Safety System +, which offers Proactive Driving Assist and optimal vehicle control to ensure a safe and confident driving experience. The vehicle also boasts a wealth of features aimed at providing passengers with an effortlessly relaxing environment, including 64 customizable illumination colors and a Rear Climate Concierge, which integrates control of air-conditioning, seat position, sunshades, and lighting to create an optimal cabin environment.

A Model Designed for Chauffeur-Driven Use

In addition to the three-row 6- and 7-seat configurations, the Lexus LM is available as a 4-seat model designed specifically for dedicated use as a chauffeur-driven MPV. This model includes a partition separating the front and rear seats, a 48-inch widescreen display, and exclusive independent rear seats with heated armrests and ottomans. The attention to detail and focus on passenger comfort make the Lexus LM a standout option for those seeking a luxury MPV experience.

Overall, the all-new Lexus LM showcases the brand's commitment to innovation and luxury, providing a sophisticated and comfortable travel experience for discerning passengers. As the global luxury market continues to evolve, the Lexus LM is well-positioned to cater to the needs and desires of luxury vehicle enthusiasts worldwide.


2024 Lexus LM2024 Lexus LM

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