2019 AC Schnitzer BMW 8-Series

2019 AC Schnitzer BMW 8‑Series

By Arthur Demi via AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer BMW 8-Series

New member of the sporty High Society

The 8 series by AC Schnitzer sets new standards in sportiness and luxury The sporty high society has arrived in Munich at the latest with the introduction of the BMW 8 series. And as expected, luxury in an even more sporty form is now coming from Aachen.

The tuning specialists from AC Schnitzer are bringing the 8 series onto the road with performance upgrades including warranty for the 840d with 235 kW/320 hp to 279 kW/380 hp and for the M850i with 390 kW/530 hp to 456 kW/620 hp. They also give the 840d the AC Schnitzer engine optics.

The 8 series by AC Schnitzer also continues to be sporty and luxurious when it comes to the exhaust system for the M850i. Only with AC Schnitzer sports rear silencers, including 2 exhaust flaps each with 2 carbon "Sport", "Sport" or "Sport black" tail pipes (right/left combination, 4 pieces), the "Luxury" mission has not been completely fulfilled, yet.

With the AC Schnitzer sport rear silencer with sound pipe and 2 carbon "Sport", "Sport" or "Sport" tail pipes each (right/left combination, 4 pcs), 8 series enthusiasts can clearly stand out from the crowd visually and above all acoustically.

The lowering with AC Schnitzer suspension spring set (front / rear: each approx. 20 mm compared to the standard suspension) in combination with various aerodynamic components allows the 8 series to lie confidently and stable on the road according to its status.

With AC Schnitzer carbon front spoiler elements, front splitter (in connection with front spoiler elements), carbon front side wings, bonnet vents with carbon inserts, carbon side skirts and carbon rear diffuser as well as the rear spoiler, the BMW 8 series by AC Schnitzer moves safely on the tuning high society parquet. Jealous glances are welcome, as they fall on further, unusual details such as the AC Schnitzer brake light with frame for the carbon rear diffuser, the carbon "Racing" rear wing, the rear skirt protection foil and also the AC Schnitzer emblems in 160 mm (left-right).

All show and and no substance? What may perhaps apply to some members of the upper class is not up for discussion with the 8 series by AC Schnitzer. Of course, the tuning specialists from Aachen also put the highest emphasis on quality in the interior and rely on proven and elegant features with the AC Schnitzer aluminum pedals, aluminum footrest and aluminum keyholder.

With so much luxury, the engineers at AC Schnitzer naturally do not let up when equipping the wheel arches of the BMW 8 series. The customer can choose from AC3 Lightweight Forged Wheels BiColor in silver/anthracite or anthracite/silver (front: 9.0J x 20" with 245/35 R 20 tyres, rear: 10.0Jx 20" with 275/30 R 20 tyres) or AC1 BiColor or anthracite Alloy Wheels (front: 8.5J x 20" with 245/35 R 20 tyres, rear: 10.0J x 20" with 285/30 R 20 tyres).

This should make the 8 series by AC Schnitzer a permanent member of the sporting high society.

(AC Schnitzer Press Release)

AC Schnitzer BMW 8-Series