Rolls-Royce Ghost II Extended vs. Mercedes-Maybach S600
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Rolls-Royce Ghost II EWB versus Mercedes-Maybach S600

Two uber-luxurious auto rivals - Maybach and Rolls-Royce - for years have been competing for dominance. Up for an interactive comparison here we have RR Ghost II Extended versus Mercedes-Maybach S600.

First thing that comes to mind is the price, and that's a spot-on question. Despite bringing same-level luxury and space [and brand name], Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II EWB coast as much as a Maybach S600 with an S-Class in the trunk: the Brit is priced $130k over the German's price.

What comes to power and performance, both extended luxury sedans stand close to each other, at least on the paper. Both have 12-cylinder twin-turbocharged engines, but due to Ghost's larger engine capacity it generates 40 more horsepower than the Maybach S600, rated at 563 hp, but brings almost 40 less lb-ft of torque. Zero-to-60 times are in favor of the Ghost too; it's 0.2 seconds faster than the S600, reaching 60 mph from nil in 4.8 seconds.

The extended wheelbase Ghost Series II is longer than the Maybach and naturally brings more rear seat leg room. But for those who think Mercedes-Maybach S600 doesn't have enough rear seat room, Mercedes also offers the Maybach in a Pullman variation.