Lexus RC F vs. BMW M4 Coupe
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Lexus RC F vs. BMW M4

Lexus' all new compact luxury coupe is up and ready to compete against the Germans.

Power and Performance

Those who miss the M4's predeceasing V8 M3 Coupe might get appealed by Lexus RC F's 5-liter V8, which pulls 467 hp and 389 lb-ft of torque. That's 42 hp more but 17 lb-ft less than what you get from M4's 3-liter inline-6 twin-turbo.

The BMW M4 with M Double Clutch Transmission goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds, which is .3 seconds faster than RC F's 4.4 second sprint time. The Lexus also burns more fuel, averaging 19 miles per gallon in combined driving, which is 1 mpg less than that of M4 Coupe's.

Exterior and Interior Dimensions

The Lexus is longer, wider, and taller compared to the BMW. But bigger size comes with heavier weight and that's the reason the RC F burns all the extra power and looses to M4 in performance; not even an extra gear in transmission comes to help.

Despite larger exterior dimensions, Lexus RC F offers less head and shoulder room for both front and rear seats.