Jaguar F-Pace vs. Discovery Sport
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F-Pace versus Discovery Sport

Jaguar and Land Rover have one common thing, both are owned by Tata Group. But that didn't stop Jaguar to step into the SUV segment, with the introduction of F-Pace, and compete against its own cousin, Land Rover Discovery Sport.


First thing that comes to mind is if they are really similarly sized. We initially considered to make a comparison between the F-Pace and Range Rover Evoque 5-Door, but despite having close MSRPs they didn't really match in size; Evoque is significantly smaller. Land Rover Discovery Sport is bigger than the Evoque, bust still smaller than F-Pace, but its priced below Jaguar's MSRP.

Overall length of F-Pace is little less than 6 inches longer, and the wheelbase more than 5 inches longer than that of Discovery Sport. Width is exactly the same for both models, whether including mirrors in the measurement or not. But Discovery Sport has that typical Land Rover tall body structure, which adds around three inches over the height of F-Pace.

Discovery Sport's taller body structure gives more head room for both first and second row seaters.


For the U.S. market Discovery Sport is offered with only one engine, a 2-liter inline turbo petrol that delivers 240 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. On Conrast, Jaguar doesn't have a smaller petrol engine, and instead it's offered with a 2-liter inline turbo diesel and more powerful 3-liter V6 supercharged petrol engines. That in some way puts these two models in the same segment but in different categories, eliminating direct competition. Jaguar's diesel engine produces 180 hp, total 200 less than petrol engine's 380 hp, and impressive 332 lb-ft of torque, which is slightly more than what you get form the V6 petrol.

Both SUVs are equipped with standard All Wheel Drive systems, but Discovery Sport gets one extra gear in its 9-speed auto transmission, compared to F-Pace.


Discovery Sport reaches 60 mph from zero in 7.8 seconds, which is .4 seconds faster than F-Pace Diesel, but 2.7 seconds slower than F-Pace V6's 5.1-second sprint time. Thanks to its diesel engine F-Pace also gets more towing capacity than the Land Rover.


As stated above, base model of Land Rover Discovery Sport is priced from $37,695, which is more than a $3000 cut over Jaguar F-Pace's $40,990 MSRP for base diesel model.