Ford Focus RS vs. VW Golf R Front Three Quarter - Comparison #1

Ford Focus RS vs. VW Golf R
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Ford Focus RS versus VW Golf R

When it comes to hatchbacks the US market delivers far less options than what you'd get in the Old World. And it gets a lot more scarcer if you're up for a hot hatch. Luckily Ford and VW have something to offer in that segment, and both are equally hot.

Or are they? 2016 RS is fresh, spacious and more powerful than its German counterpart. Both hot-hatchbacks are priced in the same range, and both have all wheel drive drivetrain systems. Compared to Focus RS, Golf R offers an automatic transmission option in case if you're not a fan of an MT.

Focus RS is larger and faster than the Golf R, but it's more thirsty for gas and has a smaller fuel tank.

Specification Comparison

2016 Ford Focus RS2016 Volkswagen Golf R
TrimBase Hatchback
  • Base Hatchback
  • W/Dynamic Chassis Control And Navigation Hatchback
MSRP$35,900$35,650 - $38,995
Engine2.3L Inline-4 Turbo2.0L Inline-4 Turbo
Power350 hp292 hp
Torque350 lb-ft280 lb-ft
Transmission6-Speed Manual
  • 6-Speed Automatic
  • 6-Speed Manual
DrivetrainAll Wheel DriveAll Wheel Drive
0 to 60 mph-4.9 sec
Fuel Consumption
MPG (City / Comb. / Hw.)-22 - 23 / 25 / 30 - 31
Tank Capacity12.4 gal14.5 gal
Exterior Dimensions
Width80.5 in-
Width w/o Mirrors71.8 in70.8 in
Length172.8 in168.4 in
Height58.0 in56.5 in
Min. Ride Height-4.8 in
Wheelbase104.3 in103.5 in
Interior Dimensions
First Row Leg Room43.1 in41.2 in
First Row Head Room38.3 in38.4 in
First Row Shoulder Room55.6 in55.9 in
First Row Hip Room53.9 in-
Second Row Leg Room33.2 in35.6 in
Second Row Head Room37.9 in38.1 in
Second Row Shoulder Room53.7 in53.9 in
Second Row Hip Room52.7 in-

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