Ferrari 812 Superfast vs. Ferrari F12tdf
Comparison illustrates design differences and should not be used or understood as a contrasting of advantages of one model over another. Lighting, shooting angle and other factors may affect the appearance of the model.

Ferrari 812 Superfast vs. F12tdf

The release of F12tdf was an evolutionary step by Ferrari giving more power and fresher design over the F12Berlinetta model. However, the trend didn't end there, as we now have an even fresher, faster, and more powerful two-seat front-engine coupe from Ferrari based on the same concept.

Ferrari claims, as the name explicitly says, that 812 Superfast is the fastest and the most powerful of all Ferraris. But we don't really get the logic behind that claim, because factory numbers give F12tdf a zero to 100 km/h acceleration time of 2.9 seconds. That is exactly what 812 Superfast's sprint time is. Another claim, of being the most powerful, is also under a big bold question mark. As you may know LaFerrari hypercar has both petrol and electric motors. The former produces 800 hp, which coincidentally is exactly as much as that of 812 Superfast's V12 engine. However, it is fair to state that 812 Superfast produces 18 Nm or more torque, but so did F12tdf with 5 Nm of more torque. Speaking of the engine, Ferrari 812 Superfast has a 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine, while its predecessor had a 6.3-liter one.

So how did a newer berlinetta with more power end up having the same performance numbers? In one word, weight. 812 Superfast's curb weight is 110 kg more than F12tdf's, which gives an explanation on identical sprint times. Top speed of the 812 Superfast, however, is rated to be north of F12tdf's 340 km/h.