2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class W464 vs. W463
Comparison illustrates design differences and should not be used or understood as a contrasting of advantages of one model over another. Lighting, shooting angle and other factors may affect the appearance of the model.

2018 G-Class vs. All-New G-Wagon

The notion of evolution spreads across all living things, and the 39-year old Mercedes-Benz G-Class is no exeption.

After almost four decades M-Benz decided it's time to have a new G-Wagon, but it mirror the original as much as no other newer-generation model does. Aside from a few small details, two models look practically the same, with the same silhouette from any angle.


What design? It's a G-Wagon!


Having received a brand new body, the 2019 G-Class resembles the old one but it's significantly larger. Width of the all-terrain vehicle has grown 4.9 inches, so did the length and the height for 2.1 and 0.3 inches, respectively. The SUV now has 1.6 inch longer wheelbase, and partly thanks to that larger room for the occupants, NOT!

Passenger room has actually shrunk in all directions except for shoulders. Leg room for first-row passengers has decreased by 13.84 inches (2.37 inches for second-row passengers). Head room has gone down 0.55 inches for first row passengers, but has increased 0.37 inches for the second row passengers. Shoulder room has increased for at least 1.5 inches.


Mercedes-Benz has decided to keep the 416 horsepower 4.0L V-8 Twin-Turbo engine, but now it's married with 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission, which means more efficiency and better performance.