BMW X5 vs. Mercedes GLE Interior, Cockpit - Comparison #4

BMW X5 vs. Mercedes GLE: Interior, Cockpit - Comparison #4
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X5 F15 versus GLE W166

Two pioneers of German Mid-Size Luxury SUV's continue their battle for market dominance with innovations such as new plug-in hybrid models.

Both SUV's are currently on their third generation cycle, although the Mercedes-Benz now goes under GLE tag, where E stand for the classification of the SUV in GL lineup. With both offering variety of engines, it's evident that the age on GLE chassis, which comes from the previous M-Class, is taking its toll. The non-AMG GLE is under-powered than the X5, but comes with a more attractive sticker price.

Both SUV's offer rear wheel and all wheel drive systems. One big disadvantage of the GLE is the lack of third-row seats, which are offered instead on the GLS. And since BMW hasn't introduced it's bigger X7 yet, it has no problem in spoiling the X5 customers with an option of extra passenger seats.

Specification Comparison

2016 BMW X52016 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class
  • SDrive35i SUV
  • XDrive35d SUV
  • XDrive35i SUV
  • XDrive50i SUV
  • GLE300d 4MATIC SUV
  • GLE350 SUV
MSRP$54,700 - $71,500$51,100 - $64,600
  • 3.0L Inline-6 Turbo
  • 3.0L Inline-6 Turbo Diesel
  • 4.4L V-8 Twin-Turbo
  • 2.1L Inline-4 Twin-Turbo Diesel
  • 3.0L V-6 Twin-Turbo
  • 3.5L V-6
Power255 - 445 hp201 - 329 hp
Torque300 - 480 lb-ft273 - 369 lb-ft
Transmission8-Speed Automatic7-Speed Automatic
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Rear Wheel Drive
Towing Capacity-6,600 - 7,200 lbs
0 to 60 mph4.7 - 6.5 sec6.5 - 8.9 sec
Fuel Consumption
MPG (City / Comb. / Hw.)15 - 24 / 17 - 27 / 21 - 31 17 - 22 / 19 - 24 / 22 - 29
Tank Capacity22.4 gal24.6 gal
Exterior Dimensions
Width86.0 in-
Width w/o Mirrors76.3 in84.3 in
Length192.4 in189.1 in
Height69.4 in70.7 in
Min. Ride Height8.2 in-
Wheelbase115.5 in114.8 in
Interior Dimensions
First Row Leg Room40.4 in40.3 in
First Row Head Room40.5 in38.9 in
First Row Shoulder Room61.5 in58.5 in
Second Row Leg Room36.6 in38.4 in
Second Row Head Room38.8 in38.5 in
Second Row Shoulder Room60.0 in58.4 in

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