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2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE

2017 Golf GTE

"Recently VW Golf received a Facelift for the whole extended family, including Golf GTE. Unlike the e-Golf, Golf GTE has both electric and gasoline powered motors, and the ability to charge its batteries separately, making it a plug-in hybrid vehicle. The updated GTE can be driven up to 50 km on electric motor, after which the gas engine kicks in. It uses smart technology integrated with the navigation unit to predict the road up ahead and use its hybrid power accordingly. Below is the press release from VW:" Ed.

Sharpened design, digitalised instruments.

With its plug-in hybrid drive, the Golf GTE is the ideal choice for all car drivers who want to cover long distances in a short time, but also want to drive with zero emissions in departure and destination areas. As part of the major product update, Volkswagen has further optimised the Golf GTE and simultaneously sharpened its design. Another new feature of this model, which will be available starting summer 2017, is its predictive hybrid strategy, which works in conjunction with the navigation system. For instance, the car recognises approaching towns with this strategy and automatically switches over to its zero-emission electric mode in advance. The Golf GTE now also features a full range of the latest assistance and infotainment systems. Thus, the progressive compact car is available for the first time with Traffic Jam Assist (semi-autonomous driving up to 60 km/h), the fully digital Active Info Display and the optional Discover Pro infotainment system including 9.2-inch display and gesture control. The standard radio system of the Golf GTE, the Composition Media with an 8.0-inch display, USB port and Bluetooth connection for mobile phones, has also been completely redesigned. Combining the new infotainment systems with the optional Active Info Display creates a fully new, digital world of displays and controls in the Golf GTE.

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE

Five driving modes, maximum economy.

In EV mode, the Golf GTE drives all-electrically (50 km in NEDC); the car always starts off in this zero emission mode, provided that the battery is sufficiently charged. When the ‘hybrid’ mode is active, the Golf automatically utilises the two drive sources either together or separately to attain optimal efficiency. The GTE mode is a dynamic highlight. As soon as the driver activates this mode, the drive sources work together to deliver maximum dynamic performance. In addition, the driver can intentionally maintain the battery’s charge level and even charge the battery while driving – for instance to prepare for zero emission driving in an environmental restriction zone at a destination. Its plug-in hybrid drive makes the Golf GTE one of the most efficient cars in its class. The Golf GTE has a combined petrol fuel consumption of 1.6 l/100 km petrol (equates to 36 g/km CO2) and 11.4 kWh/100 km of electricity (NEDC rating for hybrid vehicles). The Golf GTE has an A+ energy efficiency classification. Predictive hybrid strategy. This model – powered by a TSI engine (110 kW/150 PS) and an electric motor (75 kW/102 PS) with a system power of 150 kW/204 PS – also features an advanced hybrid strategy. The new configuration of the hybrid strategy enables drivers to better exploit the energy-saving potential of the Golf GTE and the all-electric drive unit. If the car is fitted with one of the optional navigation systems, it considers and optimises the hybrid strategy in ‘hybrid’ mode by evaluating predictive route data. This means that both road data of the navigation system and GPS data are utilised by the drive control system. The Golf GTE thereby recognises the route topography in advance and knows when the car will be ascending or descending a mountain or approaching a motorway, country highway or urban area. This allows it to utilise the motors in a way that is precisely adapted to the route. As such, the TSI engine tends to be utilised more on country roads at a speed of 100 km/h. When the Golf GTE approaches a town, the system recognises this driving situation. The plug-in hybrid drive therefore activates just the electric motor as the car enters the town, so that the car is driven through the town with zero emissions and zero petrol consumption.

Ten key standard specification details in summary:

  • LED headlights and LED tail lights (with dynamic indicator and brake light functions)
  • Composition Media radio system with 8.0-inch touchscreen
  • Pedestrian monitoring
  • Top-of-the-range sport front seats, heated
  • “Air Care Climatronic” climate control system with 2-zone temperature control and allergen filter
  • Ambient lighting, blue
  • Leather multifunction sport steering wheel with shift paddles and aluminium accents plus gear shift grip in aluminium look
  • Driving profile selector
  • “Astana” alloy wheels, 16-inch, high-gloss finish
  • “Security & Service Plus” (1 year included), “Security & Service Basic” (10 years included), Emergency Service (10 years included)
(Volkswagen Press Release)
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