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2019 TECHART Porsche Macan

TECHART Porsche Macan

The Macan. Built to combine everyday life, sports and free time. However, this sounds like a pragmatic compromise for the driver. And what about his desire for emotion and individuality? TECHART has the answer! The new TECHART »Sport« and »Sport+« packages for the Porsche Macan. They provide intense driving pleasure, a dynamic design and the famous TECHART exclusivity. No compromises needed. Whether standard engine, sporty S, GTS or turbo models. The packages »Sport« and »Sport+« are available for every type of Macan.

Commitment to individuality: the TECHART Aerokit.

A clear statement: The Macan impresses with his special character. A strong and impressive appearance. Thanks to the treatment at TECHART and you can already reach this result with the package »Sport«. The fender extensions and the TECHART Formula IV rims are showing the desire for winding roads. TECHART aerodynamic parts will tone up the details of the Macan. The OEM quality of the materials ensures a seamless transition into the body and creates the harmonious TECHART design line. This also applies to smaller attachments. They are a proof of TECHART‘s attention for details. For example the mirror shells and the roof spoiler. Both are made of carbon fiber in our in-house manufactory. Sporty elements for the Macan and visible from every angle. The »Sport+« package comes with a front lip in carbon glossy for even more visual performance.

Powerful extension: »Sport+« with power kit and exhaust system.

The TECHART »Sport+« package not only gives the Macan a distinctive design, it also offers a noticeably better driving experience. The package includes the right TECHART power kit for every Macan model. In conjunction with the valve controlled exhaust »Sport«, this combination with a deeper and more powerful sound is a joy to your ears. It sounds spectacular, it feels impressive and it looks great. The four black end tubes are an unequivocal statement.

2019 TECHART Porsche Macan

TECHART interior design: always an eye on »Sport« and »Sport+«. Even inside.

The TECHART interior manufactury allows customers to decide themselves, how they want to change the interior (within the »Sport« and »Sport+« packages). This package includes the TECHART sport steering wheel. Its smaller diameter (360 mm) and the ergonomic shape fascinates the driver in many ways. From the raw steering wheel rim, TECHART’s master craftsmen then give it its typical ergonomic shape, padding and finishing with finest leather, lacquered trims and carbon fiber segments. And as a nuance for the package: handcrafted floor mats with »Sport« and »Sport+« logotype.

The package »Sport« includes:

  • Extensions
  • Mirror Shells in Carbon Glossy
  • Roof Spoiler Profile in Carbon Glossy
  • Roof Spoiler Panel
  • 21-inch Formula IV Wheels incl. TPMS and Tires
  • Spacer Set
  • Floor Mats with »Sport« / »Sport+« Logo
  • Door Entry Guards with TECHART Logo
  • TECHART Sport Steering Wheel
  • »Sport« / »Sport+« Decals for Exterior

Additionally in the package »Sport +«:

  • Front Lip in Carbon Glossy
  • TECHTRONIC Power Kit
  • Valve Controlled Exhaust System ''Sport''
(TECHART Press Release)
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