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2016 Range Rover SV Autobiography Short and Long Wheelbases

Range Rover SV Autobiography

The pinnacle of the Range Rover line-up, the sophisticated Range Rover SVAutobiography offers unparalleled exclusivity courtesy of a bespoke exterior design, uniquely tailored interior and high-performance 550PS V8 Supercharged derivative. In V8 Supercharged specification, the Range Rover SVAutobiography is more powerful than any Range Rover in history, while maintaining the outstanding off-road capability and unrivalled luxury for which Range Rover is world-renowned.

The Range Rover SVAutobiography is available in both long wheelbase and standard wheelbase derivatives with the full line-up of Range Rover's powertrains, in addition to the new 550PS V8 Supercharged engine.

Designed for peerless luxury

The SVAutobiography takes the flagship Range Rover to even greater heights of design sophistication and levels of luxury execution. New features and exquisite detailing further consolidate its position as the world's most luxurious and capable vehicle.

For the first time on Range Rover, customers of the SVAutobiography are able to specify a unique Duo-tone body colour option. The combination of Santorini Black upper body and nine colour choices for the lower body create true distinction and individualism.

Design Director and Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern said: 'With the SVAutobiography, we have taken the opportunity to optimise greater levels of luxury execution and precision to the Range Rover, while delivering beautiful levels of detailing that considerably enhance the customer's experience of our flagship vehicle.'

The new vehicle is distinguished with new Range Rover bonnet lettering and the tailgate is adorned with the new SVAutobiography badging. An exclusive front grille is finished in distinctive Graphite Atlas and polished chrome, further promoting its visual differentiation.

On the most powerful 550PS supercharged V8 version, quad tailpipes subtly hint at the huge reserves of power available.

World-class luxury interior

Much of the driver's switchgear including the start-stop surround and rotary controls are machined from solid aluminium with beautiful knurled details, as are the foot pedals. This detailing continues to both the front and rear centre console, with distinctive materials for the cup holder areas and socket covers. New armrest adjusters not only bring a similar level of machined detail, but also make them even easier to use.

Rear-seat passengers relax in luxurious seating complete with a chiller compartment and powered deployable tables. Solid aluminium coat hooks are incorporated into the rear pillars while, on the floor, aluminium seat rail finishers and deep twist pile mohair carpet mats complete the feeling of sumptuous comfort.

A leather-covered handbook and polished Autobiography key fob in knurled finish add finishing touches. New to Range Rover for 2016 Model Year, SVAutobiography offers the option of a sliding loadspace floor. Made from beautifully crafted aluminium and a choice of veneer options, the floor extends rearwards to optimise practicality and ease of use for loading and unloading.

For those customers who enjoy the versatility of Range Rover's split tailgate, Special Vehicle Operations has developed 'Event Seating'. Stowed in the luggage compartment, Event Seating can be quickly and easily deployed to provide comfortable seats for two adults on the tailgate lower. Hand crafted from beautiful stitched Windsor leather with a highly durable aluminium frame, this option will appeal to those who appreciate the duality of Range Rover's 'business and pleasure' characteristics.

The most powerful Range Rover

The Range Rover SVAutobiography is not only the most luxurious ever series-production Range Rover, it's also the most powerful when specified with the V8 Supercharged engine. Shared with the high-performance Range Rover Sport SVR, the all-aluminium 5.0-litre engine produces an astonishing 550PS and 680Nm of torque. Despite substantial gains of 40PS and 56Nm compared with existing V8 Supercharged derivatives, efficiency remains unaffected.

Key to the SVAutobiography's increase in performance is optimisation of the Bosch engine management system and retuning of the Roots-type twin vortex supercharger's electronic bypass valve, to increase maximum available boost pressure during high-performance driving.

The 550PS engine retains the same extremely high levels of refinement and flexibility for which existing derivatives are widely acclaimed, with maximum torque available at 3500rpm. This provides both effortless overtaking ability and peerless off-road capability.

A new exhaust system with distinctive quad polished chrome tailpipes ensures optimal flow rates and a subtly enriched engine note for this performance-oriented luxury model. The ZF eight-speed automatic transmission continues to offer seamless gear changes and an adaptive-shift logic that intelligently adjusts to driver behaviour. The advanced transmission can also be controlled via the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifts, ensuring the perfect combination of refinement and driver engagement.

SVAutobiography customers can also choose from the full portfolio of Range Rover powertrains: TDV6, SDV6 Hybrid, SDV8, and V6 Supercharged derivatives, with increases in efficiency and performance for 2016.

Exceptional handling, unrivalled comfort

In long-wheelbase SVAutobiography derivatives, Land Rover engineers have subtly recalibrated the existing suspension hardware, taking account of the additional performance while offering a compliant ride quality for the ultimate in luxurious sophistication.


SVAutobiography is positioned at the top of a comprehensively revised Range Rover line-up for 2016 Model Year. Key updates extend to more efficient and powerful petrol and turbodiesel engines, all-new convenience features including a Gesture Tailgate, Automatic Access Height, improved Surround Camera System and enhanced smartphone connectivity with a revised suite of Land Rover InControl™ technologies.

More performance, more efficiency

A selection of key updates provides Range Rover's acclaimed powertrains with even more performance and efficiency than before, with all models meeting strict new EU6 emissions regulations where applicable. The 3.0-litre TDV6, SDV6 Hybrid and 4.4-litre SDV8 turbodiesel derivatives are all available, along with 3.0-litre V6 Supercharged and 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged petrol engines.

All models are equipped with a highly efficient stop-start system, and a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission for an unrivalled combination of fast, smooth gear changes and optimised efficiency.

V6 Supercharged, now with 380PS

The most powerful V6 petrol engine ever fitted to a Range Rover debuts for 2016 Model Year*. Building on the all-aluminium 3.0-litre V6 Supercharged engine with its laser-drilled injectors, two-stage oil pump and diamond-like coating for pistons and gudgeon pins, Land Rover engineers have carried out detailed calibration changes to achieve extra power and torque. A potent 380PS and 460Nm of torque, increases of 40PS and 10Nm respectively, are the result.

With maximum torque available from just 3500rpm and a broad power band, the Range Rover V6 Supercharged provides even more effortless in-gear acceleration coupled with outstanding levels of refinement. Acceleration from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) also improves by 0.1 to 6.8sec.

Despite the hike in performance, efficiency is equally impressive with combined fuel economy of 26.4mpg** and CO2 emissions of 248g/km.

Extra efficiency for SDV6 Hybrid

Based on Land Rover's powerful twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine, the SDV6 Hybrid seamlessly integrates a 35kW electric motor with a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission for an impeccable blend of performance, refinement and environmental sustainability. SDV6 Hybrid is further enhanced for 2016.

Full-electric EV capability is now even more responsive to driver inputs, and is available in a broader range of scenarios, including immediately after the vehicle is switched on and in particularly hot conditions. The already refined transitions between driving modes are further enhanced for the ultimate luxury experience.

Power outputs remain an outstanding 340PS, with 700Nm of torque available - figures comparable to Land Rover's impressive SDV8 diesel engine. Efficiency, however, is improved, with fuel economy of 45.6mpg and CO2 emissions of 164g/km - improvements of 1.5mpg and 5g/km respectively, compared with the 2015 Model Year Range Rover Hybrid. As before, Range Rover Hybrid can travel at speeds of up to 30mph (48km/h) for up to one mile (1.6km) in driver-selectable EV Mode before the engine seamlessly restarts.

Range Rover's full breadth of off-road capability, plus its spacious interior and luggage compartment remain entirely unaffected by the hybrid technology.

Stop-start technology increases SDV8 efficiency

Land Rover's powerful 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged SDV8 engine is even more fuel-efficient for 2016 Model Year, courtesy of advanced stop-start technology. Stop-start automatically switches off the engine in just 300 milliseconds when the car comes to rest, increasing both efficiency and refinement.

The system automatically restarts the engine as the driver moves their foot from brake to accelerator pedal, ensuring the technology does not compromise the driving experience. The result is an outstanding 339PS and 740Nm of torque - more torque than any other Range Rover - combined with 33.6mpg fuel economy (8.4 litres per 100km) and CO2 emissions of 219g/km - an improvement of 4%.

Td6 debuts in North America

A turbodiesel Range Rover will be available in North America for the first time as part of the 2016 Model Year enhancements. Featuring a single turbocharger, Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation (LPEGR) and a two-stage oil pump to reduce parasitic losses, the 3.0-litre Range Rover Td6 engine offers a powerful 258PS and 28US mpg** (Highway), providing excellent performance, reduced running costs and an exceptional cruising range of up to 658miles (Highway) for maximum convenience. Peak torque of 600Nm is available at just 2000rpm to ensure effortless in-gear acceleration and the capability to tow up to 3500kg with exceptional flexibility.

The Td6 engine benefits from an advanced new Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) after-treatment system to enhance environmental sustainability. The system injects an aqueous urea solution into the exhaust, neutralising NOx emissions by 50 percent.

The vast majority of customers will not need to refill the DEF reservoir between regular services, although adding extra fluid is as simple as topping up the windscreen washer bottle.

Enhanced technology

Land Rover has optimised convenience and technology features across the Range Rover portfolio for 2016 Model Year. A new Surround Camera System, hands-free Gesture Tailgate, Automatic Access Height and even more advanced InControl™ connected-car technologies make the luxurious Range Rover more versatile than ever before.

Surround Camera System

A new Surround Camera System provides improved clarity, creating sharper and clearer images on the central touchscreen display. A network of four cameras positioned in both front and rear bumpers and the side mirrors crisply relays the vehicle's surroundings to the driver for maximum safety and convenience.

A reversing camera automatically displays the view behind the vehicle when reverse gear is engaged; when surround view is selected, the images from each camera combine to create an overhead view of the vehicle - a feature that is particularly useful when manoeuvring in confined spaces.

An enhanced rear-camera wash operating in conjunction with the rear wash-wipe function ensures excellent visibility, no matter how harsh the conditions.

Gesture Tailgate

Range Rover's powered electric tailgate integrates hands-free functionality, enabling tailgate operation even when a driver's hands are full. Simply moving a foot beneath the rear bumper is all that's required to open or close the tailgate as desired. To ensure the system is not inadvertently triggered, the system will only work when the ignition key is detected close by.

The proximity sensors are located to the sides of the rear bumper rather than the centre, allowing the tailgate to be conveniently operated from the kerbside. This feature is also fully compatible with a tow bar, so Range Rover's exceptional 3500kg towing capacity is uncompromised.

Automatic Access Height

Range Rover's driver-adjustable access height function is fully automated for 2016 Model Year, with Automatic Access Height immediately operational once the transmission is in Park (P). A range of settings is provided, depending on vehicle status.

When the ignition is switched off or the driver's seatbelt is removed, the vehicle automatically lowers by 35mm to aid entry and exit. Should any door handle be activated, the height decreases by an additional 15mm for enhanced convenience. The total time from switching the ignition off or removing the seatbelt to achieving a maximum ride height reduction of 50mm is just three seconds. The vehicle automatically returns to its optimised ride height at a speed of 9mph (15km/h).

InControl™ technologies for ultimate connectivity

Land Rover's suite of InControl™ connected-car technologies continues to expand for 2016, with advanced new features and increased market availability.

InControl™ Remote Premium offers further convenience, and allows drivers to remotely activate vehicle systems using a smartphone app. Functions include:

  • Remote Lock/Unlock enables owners to verify the vehicle's status, and lock or unlock the doors as desired
  • Remote Alarm Reset sends a smartphone alert if the vehicle alarm is sounding, and provides the option to remotely reset if required
  • Remote Beep and Flash helps to locate the vehicle in a busy car park by flashing its lights and sounding discreet alarm pips

Existing InControl™ functionality includes InControl™ Protect breakdown and accident assistance, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and InControl™ Apps. The latter brings the original look and feel of smartphone apps to Range Rover's touchscreen infotainment system.

For 2016 Model Year, customers specifying InControl™ Protect can also select the new InControl™ Connect Pack, which combines InControl™ Wi-Fi, InControl™ Apps and InControl™ Remote Premium for maximum convenience.

Full InControl™ Technologies are now available in Portugal, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. These new territories join existing InControl™ markets: UK, US, Russia, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Additional capability on- and off-road

Range Rover is world-renowned for its unparalleled breadth of capability, both on- and off-road. Its capability increases still further in 2016 with the introduction of 22-inch Dunlop QuattroMaxx 'performance focused' tyres for increased on-road performance together with impressive off-road capability. All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) also debuts on SDV8 derivatives.

Performance Optimised tyres

For customers wishing to optimise Range Rover's highly responsive chassis still further, 'performance optimised' tyres will be optionally available for the first time*. Available exclusively for 22-inch applications***, the Dunlop QuattroMaxx tyres improve dynamic grip, steering precision and driver reward in both wet and dry road conditions.

When specified on SVAutobiography derivatives, Dunlop QuattroMaxx tyres make the most powerful Range Rover ever produced even more agile and rewarding to drive. Despite the dynamic characteristics of these tyres, off-road capability remains highly impressive.

All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC)

Land Rover's innovative ATPC system was initially introduced on TDV6, SCV6 and V8 Supercharged Range Rover derivatives but All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) now extends to SDV8 models#. The advanced technology makes Range Rover's world-renowned off-road capability more accessible than ever before.

Operational from 1.1mph to 19mph (1.8km/h to 30km/h) in forward and reverse gears, ATPC allows an ultra-low creep speed to be set using the steering wheel-mounted cruise-control interface when stationary or when the vehicle is in motion.

This allows the driver to concentrate purely on steering the vehicle over and around obstacles, while it maintains a constant speed that may otherwise be difficult to achieve over very challenging terrain. By reducing driver distractions and optimising traction in this way, ATPC enhances off-road capability and safety. ATPC can be overridden by simply pressing the brake or accelerator.

* market dependent

**manufacturer's estimate

*** Exclusions for 550PS derivatives & Hybrid

(Land Rover / Range Rover Press Release)
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