2013 Edo Competition BMW M3 EVO Wide Body

2013 Edo Competition BMW M3 EVO Wide Body

By Arthur Demi via Edo Competition

Edo Competition M3 EVO Wide Body Kit

For over 15 years the company edo competition has been the first choice when it comes to the processing of exclusive luxury cars and powerful super sports cars. Optimisation, which underlines the sporty character of the vehicle, as well as measures for performance enhancement and refinement of the interior accessories are placed in the foreground.

With the individualisation of a vehicle, quality and perfection are the central focus for the edo competition. The exclusive selection of edo competition was broadened last year with the products of the American producer, Vörsteiner. Vörsteiner products testify to high quality, exceptional precision and accuracy of fit and they unite innovation with pure elegance.

edo competition also pursues these demands in the case of the GTRS5 Wide Body Kit for the current BMW M3., now built for the first time in Germany.

Finishing to the highest technical level, this is the quality demand of Vörsteiner, who created the GTRS5 Wide Body Kit. The Kit consists mainly of the ultra light and high-strength material, carbon. Whether the front spoiler, front splitter, the front wings, the side skirts or the attachment parts for the rear wings- all components are finished in lightweight construction. Optionally, a carbon bonnet and boot lid can be chosen. Thus the M3 is given a very sporty, almost aggressive look.

The exhaust system is particularly striking with four tail pipes made of carbon, framed in a special carbon rear diffuser with enlarged fins, which deliver an acoustically stunning sound. Behind the black 3-part 20 inch VS-320 Vörsteiner aluminium rims, red callipers shimmer brightly - a Brembo 6-piston sports braking system with 380 discs on the front axle and a variant 3 coilover suspension. With this, edo competition rounds off the complete package perfectly.

The result is remarkable and is absolutely worth seeing, as impressive proof of the high-end manufacture. However, not many will be able to enjoy a GTRS5 complete remodeling, as the wide body kit is strictly limited to 40 units worldwide.

(Edo Competition Press Release)

Edo Competition BMW M3 EVO Wide Body