2011 BRABUS ULTIMATE Electric Drive Concept

2011 BRABUS ULTIMATE Electric Drive Concept

By Arthur Demi via BRABUS

BRABUS ULTIMATE electric drive Based on smart fortwo

High Voltage on a Small Scale as a Concept Car

The market launch of the electric version of the smart fortwo will be in spring 2012. The concept car of a BRABUS ULTIMATE electric drive provides an initial impression of an even more powerful and above all particularly exclusive version. BRABUS presents this concept car of an ecofriendly and exceptional city sports car in a world debut at the 2011 IAA. A limited edition is under preparation.

Like it’s conventionally powered ULTIMATE predecessors the future electric drive version will have more power and better performance than its production brethren. Exact figures for the ecofriendly city sports car will be published at the presentation of the small-series-production model sometime in 2012.

An innovative BRABUS development corrects a flaw that affects vehicles with electric drive both in the drivable concept car and in the future limited-edition vehicle. This type of engine normally has a less than thrilling sound and is particularly heard to hear for pedestrians and bicyclists alike. A BRABUS sound generator lends the ULTIMATE electric drive the sound of a V8 engine or space-age soundscapes whose volume is dependent on the position of the accelerator pedal.

The innovative technology is accompanied by the powerful stance of the wide version painted a matte white: Beneath the bullish BRABUS WIDESTAR fender flares front and back is space for BRABUS Monoblock VI 18-inch wheels painted matte gray.

The front axle features wheels in size 7Jx18 fitted with size 205/35 R 18 high-performance tires. Size 8.5Jx18 wheels with size 235/30 R 18 tires in the rear provide optimal grip.

The wider track of the widened two-door car contributes to its agile and safe handling as does the height-adjustable coilover suspension.

At the higher speeds that ULTIMATE electric drive will be capable of minimizing aerodynamic lift will also be of added importance. The front spoiler reduces lift on the front axle. The WIDESTAR side skirts of the wide version create a visually and aerodynamically harmonious transition between the fender flares front and back.

The meticulously finished all-leather interior includes seats, door panels and dashboard. The white leather is sewn with the finest green thread. Green trim and green accessories in the cockpit add further contrasts.

(BRABUS Press Release)

BRABUS ULTIMATE Electric Drive Concept