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2011 BMW 5-Series Touring

2011 BMW 5-Series Touring

The new BMW 5 Series Touring is the perfect symbiosis of driving pleasure, efficiency, versatility and sporting elegance. The 4th generation of the Business Touring convinces through powerful design aesthetics, modern premium-level functionality and brand-typical driving dynamics combined with exemplary efficiency. Extensive comfort and safety features, which include numerous BMW-exclusive driver assistance systems, substantiate the outstanding qualities of the new BMW 5 Series Touring as an upper midrange touring car.

  • Well-balanced proportions with an original look.
  • Charismatic front end, dynamically stretched silhouette, muscular rear end.
  • Interior styling combines modern functionality with a premium ambience and a high level of driver orientation.

The body design of the new BMW 5 Series Touring signalises sophisticated elegance combined with active sportiness. Its dynamically stretched silhouette, side window surfaces extending to the rear end and a coupe-like roofline result in a unique interpretation of the touring concept that corresponds to the appealingly well-balanced character of the new BMW 5 Series Touring. Sporty handling characteristics, modern functionality in a high-class ambience and variably utilisable interior space offering possibilities for numerous activities are authentically expressed through powerful aesthetics, sophisticatedly designed surfaces and elaborately executed details. Moreover, like the new BMW 5 Series Sedan, the vehicle’s elegant appearance reflects both the representative status and the enhanced motoring comfort of this latest touring model in the upper midrange segment.

2011 BMW 5-Series Touring

The communalities in design of the new BMW 5 Series Touring and the new BMW 5 Series Sedan are restricted to the front end and extend to the B-pillars of the body. As a result, the touring model also possesses an expressive and carefully styled front end, including the features typical of BMW, which have been reinterpreted for this series. In addition, all crucial design principles, which also characterise the appearance of the sedan, have been implemented on the new BMW 5 Series Touring in a form that corresponds to the model-specific car body concept. Thanks to sculptural styling, the body of the new BMW 5 Series Touring appears to be made from one cast. Perfectly balanced proportions reflect a harmonious weight distribution between the front and rear axles. The long bonnet, short overhangs and a dynamic, wedge-shaped silhouette provide the vehicle with a sporty and active, forward-moving appearance. Like the sedan, the new BMW 5 Series Touring has the longest wheelbase in its segment, measuring 2,968 millimetres.

Through precisely contoured vehicle surfaces the car makes an eventempered and superior overall impression at first glance. Only from a shorter distance and from a different perspective do the subtle light and shade effects become visible, revealing the three-dimensional character of the convex and concave surfaces. Elaborate details such as chrome design elements with integrated side indicators, door openers embedded into the side contour lines and the harmonious roofline extending to the trailing edge underline the premium character of the new BMW 5 Series Touring. The counter-swing – also known as the “Hofmeisterknick” – for the rear section of the integral side window surround at the base of the D-pillar is both a characteristic and sophisticated element.

Charismatic appearance: concentrated look and a forward-moving character.

The expressive front end of the new BMW 5 Series Touring convincingly accentuates the sporting and representative character of the model through brand-typical but reinterpreted design features. The upright BMW kidney grille, which even appears to be leaning forward when viewed from certain perspectives, symbolises the vehicle’s forward-moving character and, together with the powerfully flared wheel arches, gives the car a charismatic presence. Four contour lines sweeping down into the kidney grille split the bonnet into individual sections. The two middle lines meet above the kidney grille, surrounding the BMW logo. The wide air intake with round fog lamps positioned far to the outside provides a particularly sporting note through its division into three sections, with two horizontal bars dividing the air scoop on both sides. These bars extend further on to the inside at kidney grille level, rendering the centre section of the air intake one complete, harmonious unit. Together with the contours of the air intake rising up to the outside, they emphasise the width of the front end, directing the onlooker’s eye onto the wheel arches.

The headlight units extending far into the side panels also serve to emphasise the width of the car. The actual light sources are two cylindershaped headlights, with the dual round headlights cut off at the top by a trim panel creating the concentrated look so typical of a BMW and reminiscent of an athlete on the starting line. In conjunction with the optional Xenon headlights, the daytime driving lights incorporate quite unmistakable LED light rings, while the direction indicators moved far to the outside are made up of ten LED units each. As a final highlight, an LED focus light marks the upper end of each headlight unit.

Side view: dynamically stretched contours, flat silhouette.

The handling characteristics of the new BMW 5 Series combine superior agility with outstanding riding comfort. An adequate balance between sportiness and elegance is also reflected in the design of the new BMW 5 Series Touring. The side view particularly emphasises this fact. With its stretched contours, the vehicle has a particularly flat silhouette. This is emphasised by the slightly wedge-shaped geometry of the extended window surfaces and the distinctive contour line at door opener level. This contour line runs parallel to the door cavity covers and extends as far as the taillight. Together with the coupe-like roofline it creates an overall impression of being dynamically stretched. Also, the narrow body trim above the windows gives the new BMW 5 Series Touring an air of lightness and elegance.

In the lower sections of the body, concave surfaces create lively light and shade effects, emphasising the sporting character of the BMW 5 Series Touring. Greater curvature around the rear wheel arches bears testimony to rear-wheel drive. At this point, the body boasts its maximum width, standing firmly on the rear wheels.

The dynamic contours of the vehicle are further emphasised by the counter-swing – also referred to as the “Hofmeisterknick” – at the bottom of the D-pillar. Furthermore, the new versions of the optional roof luggage rails, which are flat-mounted, solid one-piece elements, contribute towards the silhouette’s appearance. The roof luggage rails, available in satin finish aluminium, black and individual black, are flush with the roofline at the rear where their contours merge with the side edge of the roof spoiler.

Powerful looks, wide luggage compartment hatch: rear end design signalises sporting and active versatility.

The sculptural design so characteristic of the BMW 5 Series is also responsible for a smooth transition between the side panels and the rear end of the new touring model. The contour lines continue in the contour of the taillights and join above the number plate recess. Furthermore, seen from the rear, the concave surface between the contour line and the wheel arches give the body a distinctly visible waistline. The flared wheel arches and the horizontal breakdown of the rear end strongly emphasise the powerful stature of the new BMW 5 Series Touring, the wide track and the wheels ending flush with the wheel arches, further enhancing this impression.

The wide rear window surface gives indication of the generously dimensioned luggage compartment hatch. The third brake light positioned above the rear window on the visible edge of the roof spoiler is recognisable even when inactive. The vertically divided, L-shaped rear light clusters reflect a brandtypical appearance and provide an unmistakable “night design”. Two rows of LED lights recessed well into the tailgate are characteristic of homogeneously glowing BMW light elements. Moreover, the direction indicators and brake lights also feature LED technology.

Characteristic “night design" featuring innovative light technology.

Innovative technology gives the new BMW 5 Series Touring a particularly striking look at night, both from the front and from behind. Through their clear shapes and precisely defined signalling effect, both the headlights and the taillights contribute significantly to the fact that even from a distance – just like the sedan – the new BMW 5 Series Touring is unmistakeably recognisable as a BMW.

The LED corona rings featured by the dual round headlights also accentuate the typical look of the brand from the front of the car in a now even more striking style. The horizontal rows of lights at the rear extending all the way into the side panels emphasise the sporting appearance of the car, the optimised looks and the signalling effect of LED technology enhancing at the same time the characteristic appearance of the new BMW 5 Series Touring.

Interior: supreme, modern style and classic orientation to the driver.

The interior design clearly accentuates both the active driving characteristics as well as the comfort features and versatile sporting character of the BMW 5 Series Touring. High-tech functions within the elegant ambience of an uncompromising premium character create a strong impression of superior, modern versatility. The cockpit is inclined towards the driver at an angle of approximately 7 degrees. And the asymmetrically designed centre console likewise emphasises a clear orientation to the driver. The multifunction buttons on the newly devised steering wheels now also serve to operate cruise control. All control units and switches as well as the displays in the instrument cluster finished in Black Panel technology are arranged clearly and ensure optimum readability. Driver-relevant information as well as the control instruments are arranged on the side of the cockpit facing the driver, while the displays, control units and buttons serving to mastermind comfort functions are positioned more towards the middle of the car. Measuring up to 10.2 inches in size, the control display featured on the iDrive control system, which comes as standard, is integrated harmoniously into the dashboard.

The horizontal breakdown of the instrument panel underlining the generous feeling of space continues through the door linings all the way to the rear, enabling the passengers to enjoy the motoring experience in a harmoniously balanced setting. The interior trim on the instrument panel and the door linings available in various colours and materials borders at the bottom on a highlight bar in Pearl Gloss Chrome, adding a special touch of style and elegance. At the transition point from the instrument panel to the door lining, further highlight bars merging up in a sweeping line are another attractive eye-catcher.

Ample storage space, high-quality materials, attractive colour combinations.

Travel comfort inside the new BMW 5 Series Touring is further enhanced by a wide range of ergonomically and ideally positioned storage options, boxes and cupholders. In addition to the spacious glove compartment, a fold-in box on the driver’s side of the instrument panel offers further space and convenience. The centre console comes in two variants. On cars with a manual gearbox, the console is split into two sections, the black surface surrounding the gearshift lever and the buttons for the optional Dynamic Driving Control opening up towards the driver. A storage box between the gearshift lever and the a/c controls serves as a convenient place to deposit the car key. On models with automatic transmission, the centre console forms one complete surface, the space between the electronic gear selector lever and the climate control unit offering enough room for two cupholders and a key box, with a further storage box behind the iDrive Controller (where there is another cupholder on models with a manual gearbox). In this case the second cupholder is located in the storage compartment beneath the armrest.

The armrest on the centre console opens up smoothly and conveniently with vertically split butterfly flaps, revealing not only the USB, Aux-In and the optional power connection but also a very convenient and practical storage compartment.

High-quality materials and a superior finish incorporating skilled craftsmanship underline the premium ambience of the new BMW 5 Series Touring. A wide range of colour and upholstery variants offers more than ample freedom in customising the car to individual preferences. Visible seams on the leather seats, door handles and panels serve to additionally emphasise the flowing lines of the interior. The new BMW 5 Series Touring offers a choice of no less than 12 paintwork colours at market launch. For the interior of the car, there are three upholstery variants available in up to five colours each, three interior colours and five types of interior trim for individual and highly versatile combinations.


  • Variable luggage compartment with a volume of 560 to 1,670 litres.
  • 40 : 20 : 40 split folding rear seats with seat back inclination adjustment, also manually releasable using levers located in the luggage compartment.
  • Wide luggage compartment hatch, luggage compartment cover opens and closes automatically, separate rear window swings up automatically.

Modern functionality and unsurpassed driving pleasure experienced only in a premium vehicle reflect the character of the new BMW 5 Series Touring. Its unique position in the upper midrange segment is the result of being able to fulfil the manifold requirements of a discerning target group in a resolute and convincing way. This applies to both the driving characteristics and the interior concept featured by the new BMW 5 Series Touring. Compared with its predecessor, its superior drivetrain and suspension technology has further enhanced sporting characteristics with the same optimised motoring comfort, whereby the optionally available Dynamic Driving Control enables drivers to set the suspension to their own individual requirements. Likewise, when utilising the interior, drivers can depend on the new BMW 5 Series Touring to adapt perfectly to each of their specific needs. Variable possibilities to increase luggage compartment capacity, intelligent details for optimising functionality and convenient operation ensure that the use of the transport capacities of the new BMW 5 Series Touring is a premium experience.

Due to a high degree of variability, the new BMW 5 Series Touring supports a versatile, active lifestyle that is characterised by varying requirements. It performs equally as convincing as an elegant and representative Business Touring as is does in the role of a comfortable family touring car, or when transporting bulky sports equipment and other items required for active leisure time. The BMW 5 Series Touring offers the driver the freedom to cope at any time with the challenges of a mobile lifestyle, whilst enjoying at the same time the elegant style and the uncompromising premium quality of a BMW 5 Series.

Increased variability through three-part rear seat backrest with adjustable angle.

When all five seats in the new BMW 5 Series Touring are utilised, a storage capacity of 560 litres is available under the luggage compartment sliding cover. Also, the possibilities for obtaining a flexible and situation-related augmentation of transport capacities have been significantly increased. This high degree of variability is achieved above all by the functionality of the rear seat backrest, a unique feature in this vehicle segment. As an integral part of the optional luggage compartment package and as an alternative to the standard adjustment, the rear seat backrest featured in the BMW 5 Series Touring can also be adjusted in an upright position. In this way either the rear seat comfort or the size of the storage compartment can be optimised as required. The locking mechanism features an adjustment wheel by which backrest tilt can be set in seven stages. This permits a reduction of the inclination angle by up to 11 degrees. When the backrest is in its maximum upright position, the luggage compartment volume is increased by a further 30 litres.

The standard features of the new BMW 5 Series Touring also include a new operational concept for partial or complete folding down of the back seat. The rear seat is 40 : 20 : 40 split folding – a unique feature in this segment. The three backrests can be either individually or jointly folded down in order to obtain a luggage compartment capacity increase of up to 1,670 litres. The result is an entirely even loading area extending to the backrests of the front seat. An optionally available ski and snowboard bag accommodating up to four pairs of skis can be pushed snugly through the centre section of the rear seat backrest and firmly fastened. Likewise, the transverse area of the middle backrest section offers ample room to store a surfboard or sports equipment of similar size between the outer rear seats.

Enhanced ease of use when increasing storage volume, folding mechanism can be activated from luggage compartment.

Releasing and folding down of backrest sections can effected either from the rear passenger compartment or by pulling one of the two control levers located at the sides of the luggage compartment. This permits fast and simple folding down of the backrest, either partially (40 : 60) or completely, whilst loading. Furthermore, the fastening mechanism for the luggage compartment cover has been further improved. When removing the cover casing, it is only necessary to press a release button to open the fasteners on both sides. Likewise, hooking up and unhooking of the separation net between the rear passenger compartment and the luggage compartment has now been optimised.

A wide, gas spring assisted opening in the luggage compartment floor offers space to safely store smaller pieces of luggage. In addition, the luggage compartment floor panel can be completely removed, creating a recess in the luggage compartment in which – using the Fix-kit from the BMW range of accessories – two bicycles with detached front wheels and mounted on their forks can be transported in the luggage compartment of the BMW 5 Series Touring.

The luggage compartment cover is raised and lowered automatically, rear window can be opened by remote control.

Maximum permissible payload for the new BMW 5 Series Touring is 650 kg. Thanks to a now even more generously dimensioned luggage compartment hatch, it is now even easier to load bulky items for transportation. Not only the width but also the height of the hatch has been significantly increased due to a new tailgate hinge mechanism, which is completely integrated into the surface of the roof. In spite of the coupe-like roofline of the new BMW 5 Series Touring, utilisable luggage compartment height has been increased in comparison to the predecessor model. Four fastening points fitted to the luggage compartment floor as standard permit secure storing of smaller pieces of luggage using fastening straps. The stainless steel loading sill inlay is a high-quality, durable feature.

An actuator integrated into the D-pillar and which comes as standard, moves the sliding cover of the new BMW 5 Series Touring luggage compartment. When either the tailgate or the separately opening rear window is opened, the cover automatically slides upwards. As soon the tailgate or the rear window is closed, the cover is, in turn, automatically lowered. Electric tailgate operation is optionally available for the BMW 5 Series Touring. The tailgate can then be opened by pressing a button on the remote control for the central locking function integrated into the car key. The tailgate is automatically locked by pressing a button located on the lower edge of the lid.

A further button on the remote control serves to open the separate rear window, which then, assisted by two gas springs, automatically moves upwards. The separately opening rear window facilitates the loading of smaller items of luggage when there is confined space available behind the vehicle.

Innovative and elaborately designed details underline the intelligent functionality that makes utilising the variable transportation capacities of the new BMW 5 Series Touring a pleasant experience. A luggage compartment package is optionally available, comprising in addition to bag hooks, fixing straps, fixing net and the four fastening points fitted as standard, two further adjustment points flexibly mounted on a rail and the backrest inclination adjustment function for the rear seat.

Moreover, the new BMW 5 Series Touring can be equipped with a tow coupling featuring an electrically operated pivot-mounted ball head. Maximum permissible towed load is 2,000 kg.

(from bmw press release)
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