2015 Audi S8 (US-Spec)

2015 Audi S8 (US‑Spec)

By Arthur Demi via Audi

Quick Specs

Price $114,900

Engine 4.0 l. V8 TFSI

Power 520 hp

Torque 481 lb.-ft.

0-60 mph 3.9 sec.

Top Speed 155 mph

2015 Audi S8 US-Spec

Lineup Changes for 2015 Include:

  • New A8 and S8 front and rear facia design
    • Completely redesigned LED headlights are now standard for the complete A8 model line
    • Significant updates to the front fascia of the A8 – the hood has a more sculpted design to add strength, including a Singleframe® grille: which is more 3- dimensional, new upper corner shape
    • New front facia design for the S8 includes Singleframe® grille, bumper, air intakes, new side sills, rear diffusor and wider quad oval tailpipes
    • S8 received new interior option – Audi design selection Vermont Brown with Carbon Twill Copper inlays
  • A8 4.0T engine received an increase in power from 420hp to 435hp
  • New optional selection of 20” wheels for all A8 models
  • Four new optional inlays for the complete A8 lineup
  • Optional Night vision assistant, now with animal detection in addition to pedestrian detection, is available on all A8 models
  • The new Audi A8 features an optional Head-up display – for ease of viewing vehicle speed, navigation information, and Night vision warning information projected onto windscreen
  • Audi active lane assist alerts the driver when the car moves across lane markings without the activation of the turn signal and gently moves the car back into its lane
  • Audi side assist alerts the driver of the presence of a vehicle when changing lanes as well as to vehicles approaching the neighboring lane
(Audi USA Press Release)

Audi S8 (US-Spec)